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Our Approach


At our Newark, Delaware location Pirulo’s Child Care educates children in our Learning Center. Each child develops, learns and plays at their own pace with age and skill appropriate activities and toys. The children do not watch television all day. They interact with each other in cooperative play as they explore their environment under the well-trained staff’s supervision.

Our Method

Pirulo’s daycare operates under the premise that each child develops intellectually, emotionally, verbally and socially at his or her individual pace. When ready, children receive proper toilet instruction. Each child also receives ample opportunities to learn independence.

Sensory Toys and Activities

Sensory toys and activities allow children to learn with their entire bodies. Toddlers receive exposure to movement exercises as they practice their new found walking skills. The learning center layout fits your child’s abilities. They learn to color, cut, paste and write at a table designed for them, with a properly sized chair.