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Please check out our new web site at www.piruloschildcare.com/


Pirulo’s childcare have 5 Openings available! one for each classroom: for children between 1 to 5 years old!! come visit or call 3028363520

Pirulo’s childcare is growing and we are adding a new classroom to our school. by the end of July /2016 we will have 12 more openings. you are welcome to come and know our facilities, please contact us at 3028363520.

Pajama party 2015

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Fall / Winter 2012

Toddler Activity Tips

1. Kitchen Chemistry Toward the end of their first year, babies develop an understanding of cause and effect, which enables them to trigger changes on their own. Here, help your tot make a fun food transformation. Appropriate ages: 12 months to 2 years To Prepare Whipping up a batch of gelatin demonstrates how to dissolve a powder into liquid, then how to cool a liquid
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